Implant dentistry is the area of dentistry in which an implant dentist substitute tooth root or roots made from titanium are implanted into your jawbone. These synthetic roots then act as anchors for your replacement teeth which fit over the top of the substitute roots to give you a completely functional new tooth or teeth. Since dental implants are rooted to your jawbone, your new implanted teeth can take the same chewing pressure as your other teeth, and they can last you a lifetime. If, for any reason, you lose a permanent adult tooth or teeth you can get it replaced with an implant by an implant dentist just as if you had a third set of teeth.

Implants are often the best solution if you have lost a tooth (though depending on your situation, implants are stronger and more durable than other dental treatment options and they are most like your natural teeth.

One of the biggest advantages to dental implants is the fact that they have synthetic roots to help you prevent bone loss. Implanting a synthetic tooth root keeps your maxilla or mandible healthy because your teeth roots stimulate bone strength and bone mass retention. Also, with your new implants and their synthetic roots you have 100% of the chewing power of your natural teeth.